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There’s no shutting the floodgates once they’ve been flung open.

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Looks like that log is killing him! lol


Here’s a really kinky Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature!  And first of all, I’m pissed that xhamster changed my title to “son’s friend” and deleted my description.  Bitches.  And I digress… You’ve already seen two other scenes of real life father-son porn duo Jay and Jerry Huntington double teaming pussy together.  Taboo?  To many.  Hot?  To me!  :-)  Don’t act like if your dad had a hot g/f and asked you to do it, you wouldn’t…

Here’s their third scene (fingers crossed for more) where they play that dad is sharing his girlfriend with his son.  Look how much they look alike; they could be brothers!  And this father-son team are pretty close.  Just watch as the pride shows all over Jerry’s (pka ‘Chance Caldwell’ in gay porn; he’s openly bi) face, especially as Jerry first whips his cock out and throughout as he watches his son fuck his girl.

HILARIOUS moment @ 9:41… watch Jerry enter and exit the frame quickly for an entertaining blooper.

Kinky proximity all over the place.  Also love the dirty dad-son bro-speak like at 14:12 when Jay says, “yeah that’s my baby… fuck her good,”  “pussy feels good, son?” @ 15:50, and he totes wanted to go in closer to his boy’s cock @ 16:31.  Look how close dad’s face gets @ 17:44 and EVEN MORE so @ 19:58!!!!!  ”My son is fucking you good, huh?”  @ 22:14, “yeah baby, he’s got a nice cock, huh?”  God dammit.  And I’m calling Jerry’s cumshot a near miss!

Have you experienced or fantasized about something similar?  Shoot me a message here w/ your contact info; we should chat.  :-)

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Guy cums hands-free just from doing pull-ups!



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His eyes and his cock both mean business. Fuck he’s sexy!

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